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This is one question moms ask; How can I be a mom and still have myself? as a balanced mom. Hard right? How can we explain taking care of the kids, attending to the needs of the home, cooking and still taking care of your husbands in the bedroom without being exhausted? and still be a balanced mom. Wow! Women you are absolutely awesome, strong and a bit complicated. How do women, I mean moms actually pull such stunts to be a balanced mom?

For career women who still have to go to work or have their individual business, how do you really do it?
So for starters, moms you deserve an accolade for all you do. Sometimes you let go of yourself for your kids, what manner of love.

As a mom even though you have all these abilities to get things done, you still need a bit of yourself so as to fulfill your purpose. What makes you fulfilled as a person is not being married or having kids. What makes you fulfilled is accomplishing your purpose. You have a purpose as a person first before you became a mom. Don’t get carried away with all the activities, try to balance things up so you don’t lose yourself in the process.
Lots of women are frustrated because they can’t find themselves anymore; they don’t know who they are or what point of life they have gotten to. Some even have lovely families, beautiful homes but something is still missing. There is a void that needs to be filled.



What is a “balanced mom?” A balanced mom defines what it is she really wants and directs her RESOURCES accordingly. A balanced mom questions what it is she wants to be remembered for at the end of her life and she lives each day consistent with the answers she has found. Ultimately, a balanced mom understands that a life of QUALITY is much more important and far more rewarding than a life of QUANTITY. She knows that it is her relationships with people that count more than a clean house, more than the perfect meal, more than spotless laundry, and more than an endless supply of money in the bank.

You can get better and be that woman whom you’ve always dreamt of, if you follow these simple steps below to subtle the art of a balanced mom:


1.Self-care essentials:

Self-care is not neglecting your duties, it’s basically having enough time to revamp and get yourself together. You need to be healthy and happy, to be able to take care of the home and kids. You need your emotions in place. So take a time out and speak to yourself, find out something you love to do and DO IT! Eat well, exercise and stay in shape.

2.Encourage independence in your kids:

This is very vital, when your kids are independent they relief you from some of the things you should do. All they need is a little guidance to carry out responsibilities. This will foster team work and help the child(ren) to express himself/herself freely. That way you have reduced some of the chores while you are growing an independent child and you are also using that time to attend to something more important.

3. Maintain a strong bond with your kids:

Maintaining a strong bond with your kids help you know their strong point and their weakness. That way you are able to shape, mold and help them become the best version of themselves.

4. Balance the demand of motherhood with your own needs and goals:

Now you have to understand that your personal needs are different from the demand for motherhood. For instance, you love to write and you have always aspired to be a writer and there is this course you must take to make you become a better writer, that’s your personal need for self-development and growth. Now, motherhood needs could be you registering your child(ren) for tennis class or swimming. You have two different wants here that demand your attention, you have to be able to balance both and most times it always not convenient, but you have to look for a way around it. Start by weighing both options without forgetting your personal growth and development. If money is the major factor, put it on a scale of preference and go with the most important need.

5. Rediscover your true passion and interests:

A lot of moms have forgotten what they have passion for, or what they have interests in. Their children are now their new passion. Well, it’s good to love your children but you have to be exceptional for you to be able to manage your family. Think about that thing you’ve always loved, something that gives you so much joy aside family time. It could be singing or even caring for older people. Rediscover that interest and start to do it, you will be filled with joy while doing it and it will bring true happiness. In doing so, your family will enjoy the new joy you share.

6. Live your life in ways that reflect your value:

You are the true version of yourself, don’t be someone else. Live your life portraying your true values. Don’t say one thing and then you do another. You are your child(ren) role model; they see and watch everything you do. So be a woman of your words and reflect it.

” Live your life portraying your true values”

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