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The Friends With Benefits

Friends With Benefits


The Friends With Benefits

The Friends With Benefits


The Friends With Benefits is a relationship between a guy and a girl, where there is no emotional commitment, no love or feelings, but the two engage in sexual intercourse. That means that, they fulfill each other’s sexual desires but have no emotional connection whatsoever. They are both free to see other people as there is no commitment in the relationship.


All friendships should be beneficial! Not the sick sexual kind that the world has placed in our heads; Friends with Benefits. But we must go into every friendship asking ourselves, How Can I Benefit The Other Person. Often, we have concept of love that is selfish! We go into relationships for what we can get! We go in, looking for our own benefit, our own satisfaction, and our own pleasure, even at the expense of another person. It’s all about ME and how you can fulfill MY desire. It is parasitic when it should be symbiotic. it is an erroneous equating of the word “Love” to meaning just erotic excitement!


We use people, we don’t really love them. And when the time comes when we believe they are no more beneficial to us, we throw them away, when actually, we should be looking for ways to benefit them. It’s a conditional love that is predicated on how much I can get from you and not how much I can give to you.

This is precisely why it seems our relationships have an expiry date. Because two selfish people go into a relationship, each one, hoping to rip off the other. Picture for one second, what it’ll be like, if two people decided to go into a relationship, seeking to benefit one another. Imagine if our goal for friendship was to benefit the other person and not just to benefit ourselves. Surely, you can see that we will have long-lasting relationships. We will benefit more for ourselves, by improving others.


While the term Friends with Benefit has a negative connotation, I believe that it also has a positive one. Every time I hear the phrase, I remember that I am in this world to bring out the best in the people I am committed to; those who I have called friends.

  • Friends With Benefits
  • Friends With Benefits
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