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WHAT IS A SUPERMOM? defines a Super Mom as a mother who successfully manages a household and cares for her children while holding a job or being active in her community.

A super mom is perceived to be that perfect woman who puts her all together, manages her family and household and still have a job or a career to pursue and she is still involved in community development.In most cases, being a super mom is delusional; we want to stay perfect and take care of everyone and still act like we are fine even though we are filled with so much pained. We package our pains beautifully and pretend to the ones around us.

Lots of mom are suffering from what we call “super mom syndrome” and this has become a problem as many women start to think ill of themselves. Truth is, that you are a mom doesn’t make you mortal. You are a mom accept that position, When you are down and tired, let people around you know. These are the qualities that make you humane…
A proper definition for a super mom is a woman who accepts her flaws and grows with her family in love and accepts help from those who are willing to give help. Your children should also know that you are their mom but that doesn’t make you perfect; But together, you can work towards perfection. When you don’t feel like it, don’t push yourself too hard, just give yourself a break then come back stronger to continue from where you stopped.

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Things you should know as a super mom

1). A supermom is very loving but yet firm with her decisions:

Moms are known to be very sensitive and they get very emotional about their kids. You have to be able to draw the line between being a firm parent and an emotional mom. Being firm will help both the mom and the child(ren).

2). Be spontaneous:

As a super mom, you have to be spontaneous, just do things your children and hubby wouldn’t expect, always surprise them with something spectacular. Think outside the box and create lasting excitement. It keeps the family together enjoying the fun that comes with it.

3).Exercise understanding:

moms are known to be perfect, they tend to always keep things in the right place and in some cases they know virtually everything. Learn to listen to your kids and try to understand them without interrupting them. This will tighten the bond between mom and child(ren), exercising understanding will help them share sensitive information with you.

4). Maintain a healthy family relationship:

A home that is peaceful and fun living for kids and hubby is a place everyone wants to be. Your child(ren) will do better at school if their environment is peaceful. Also, your husband will be more productive at work. Make it a priority to maintain a fun living environment for your family. Your family is your pride, right?

5.Have a support system:

A support system is needed for every mom. I cannot overemphasize the need for a healthy support system because they are people or a group that will encourage and pull you up when you are down. They boost your strength and give you that extra push. Some go as far as praying for you and your family. They look out for your growth and happiness. Get a strong support system and you wouldn’t be standing alone.

” Being perfect doesn’t make you a super mom, what makes you a supermom is accepting that you are human and you are only working towards perfection “

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