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Self Love – The Key To True Happiness

Self Love

Self Improvement

Self Love – The Key To True Happiness

Self Love – The Key To True Happiness


Self love, is the key to finding true happiness. Self Love is a very Important topic a lot of people disregard. Often times we spend most of our time loving others, pursuing achievements, gaining titles etc and forgetting self love. We end up identifying with our success and failures, relationship status and at the end we loose our true self in the process.


Your true identity is not in the cars or houses, business etc.

your true identity is who God says you are. In His word He said ‘you are a royal priesthood (Royalty). He calls you son (daughter) and you are a heir to His throne; this automatically makes you a Princess.

Some women don’t even have this knowledge, little wonder why the word of God says ‘my children perish for lack of Knowledge ‘.


Self Love comes from bracing yourself, love yourself.  Look deeper and see the good in you. Appreciate yourself for coming this far, its not easy.

Learn to start treating yourself like you would treat a friend or a loved one (self love). Yes, be intentional about it because you come first before others. If you don’t treat yourself well how would you understand how to treat others genuinely. Be kind and gentle with yourself don’t always beat up yourself over little mistakes, but give yourself kudos for the great things you have done.

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Be appreciative:

Learn to always appreciate yourself when you do something nice, be proud of yourself and give yourself a gift if you can afford it. Love your body and thank God He gave you such an amazing body whether you are fat or slim. Have fun with the body and don’t be ashamed of it. Instead appreciate the body for the great things it enables you to do. Don’t invest your time thinking about what is missing in your body instead focus on the amazing things you do have to offer.

Embrace your uniqueness :

Everyone was created uniquely for a purpose. You are your own person and there can never be another you. You are an unprecedented human being. God has put you here to give the world your own unique and special blend of gifts, passion and interest. So concentrate on what you can do and stop trying to be everyone else.

Give yourself a treat :

When was the last time you gave yourself a good treat? Do you just wait for someone to do that? Treat yourself specially take yourself out and enjoy your own company. Buy yourself great stuffs, you can decide to change your look, in as much as it makes you happy. Encourage yourself, Partake in programs that would make you a better person. When you have a decision to make ask yourself first.

Listen to your inner Voice :

Be conscious of your inner voice, always listen to the positive things it brings to you. Try as much as you can to disregard the negative vibe it brings. Take control of the voice and don’t allow it put you in a place of depression.


Treat everyday with so much greatness because each day brings a special gift for you. It’s left for you to unveil the gifts.

Embrace and love the things that makes you special

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