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Identity Crisis: Discovering Your True Identity

Identity Crisis

Self Improvement

Identity Crisis: Discovering Your True Identity

Identity Crisis: Discovering Your True Identity

Lots of women are in Identity Crisis because they settle for less. They don’t know their worth and they don’t know their true self.

God took out time to create WOMEN specially for a great purpose. Women were created to add colors to life. God has put in women wisdom, power and the heart to love unconditionally NOT identity crisis.


Every woman is a carrier of something that makes her unique. Don’t allow yourself get carried away by the lies of the devil. Saying you are less than who God has created you to be. Lots of women have got low self-esteem because of Identity crisis. The lie the devil has told them about themselves, so they act that way whilst God has created them to be bigger than how they see themselves.

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Some women even go as far as trying to be someone else because they want to keep up with the trend. Another form of Identity crisis is that some lied to themselves about who they think they are.

Identity Crisis has been the issue of women. Most women have lost touch with their true self believing in the lies of the Devil that points them to their past lives, where they are from either what they had done or just did, making them believe that they can’t be any better than who they are presently.


Come on ladies, God is not interested in your past life He is only interested in your present and future, the devil only reminds you of this because he doesn’t want you to get there or be that woman God wants you to be.

There is a king for every Queen and God said in His word that you are a royal priesthood that means you are Royalty. Royals don’t marry mere men they mingle with other royals. So as a married woman; Refuse to see yourself as a mere wife but see yourself as a Queen Married to King and act as such. Carry yourself with so much Grace and courage. Never allow negative words get to you. Keep your Space protected (wink).

For the Single ladies, there is a King out there for you, don’t limit yourself to just any guy. Open up yourself to learn new things and become the Queen a King would find. Refuse to listen to negative words about men, That Mrs A had a bad relationship doesn’t mean yours will be that bad. Believe in your heart that you will get a King that understands and value true friendship and relationships.

So women get up and start becoming that woman that God wants you to be because that’s your true identity.


Never allow yourself settle for someone less than what God has for you because of what you think. it’s not about what you think, it’s about what God is saying about you.

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  • Identity Crisis
  • Identity Crisis
  • Identity Crisis
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